Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is the latest iteration in this long running franchise, which is multiplayer focused now more than ever. The last time I got into multiplayer was the original Black Ops in 2010. So needless to say everything was more, or less new to me. Was it a good new, or a bad new? Find out in my review. Enjoy!

Special Notes: I received a PS4 review code for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Dead Space 10th Anniversary

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Dead Space. The first game launched on October 13, 2008 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. 2008 was also the first year with my PS3. It was a magical year to be sure and you’ll learn more about that and Dead Space in my accompanying retrospective. Enjoy!

Ninja Gaiden 30th Anniversary

This month marks the 30th anniversary of Ninja Gaiden. It debuted in arcades sometime in October 1988 for North America. This is actually the first region for its release too even though Tecmo is a Japanese company. That said, the NES game launched first in Japan that December. Anyway the craziest thing about it is that the original Ninja Gaiden is just a straight up beat ’em up, with co-op, whereas the NES games and beyond are more like action platformers. I’m jumping the gun a little bit here. If you want to learn more watch my accompanying retrospective. Enjoy!

TowerFall Review

TowerFall originally launched on the Ouya as an exclusive back in 2013. After the contract expired, the game was brought over to a number of consoles with this Switch port being the latest. Is it still good after five years, or has TowerFall worn out its welcome? Find out in my review. Enjoy!

Special Notes: I received a PS4 review code for TowerFall.


Metal Max Xeno Review

Metal Max Xeno is the 14th entry, including ports and remakes, in the long running Japanese RPG series. Metal Max dates back to the Famicom circa 1991. The only version North America received was Metal Saga for the PS2 in 2006. Think of it like a simpler, Japanese version of Fallout. Was this game finally the reason to bring this franchise back to the West, or should it have remained a Japanese obscurity? Find out in my review. Enjoy!

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS Review

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner originally debuted on March 10, 2003 for the PS2 in North America. In 2012 it was re-released in a HD collection with the first game on PS3 and Xbox 360. This third port ditches the first game and adds VR support as the big gimmick along with further enhanced resolutions. Is the VR support worth it for fans to liberate Mars for a third time? Find out in my review. Enjoy!

Spyro 20th Anniversary

Today marks Spyro’s 20th anniversary. Spyro the Dragon released on September 9, 1998 for the original PlayStation. It was only Insomniac’s second game with the first being the now forgettable first-person shooter, Disruptor. Both Insomniac and Spyro certainly have made a name for themselves between 1998 and now. Which one has come ahead? Well, let’s find out in my brief video retrospective. Enjoy!

PlayStation 20th Anniversaries: Mega Man Legends And Tenchu

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Mega Man Legends. It debuted for the original PlayStation on August 31, 1998 in North America. To clarify it released in Japan a year prior in December. If you’ve been following my videos, or writing for a while then you probably know I am in love with this series. In honor of this momentous anniversary, I thought it was high time I went back into the vault for another brief retrospective.

But wait, there’s more! Tenchu: Stealth Assassins also launched on August 31, 1998 for the original PlayStation in North America. So there you go. Two big PS1 anniversaries and two retrospectives to celebrate them. Enjoy!

Death’s Gambit Review

Death’s Gambit is virtually a 2D version of Dark Souls. I know a lot of games can be described like that, but this one is the closest yet from mechanics, art, and even menu choices. Here’s the big question though. Is this homage worthy of the Dark Souls name? Find out in my review. Enjoy!

Special Notes: I received a PS4 review code for Death’s Gambit.