PS4 Review: Sundered

Sundered is a hand-drawn Metroidvania with RPG elements, which takes place in an ever-changing world akin to a roguelike. That’s a mouthful isn’t it? It’s the second game from Thunder Lotus Games. I was admittedly not a fan of their first title, Jotun, but I thought the art was gorgeous. I had high hopes for Sundered to be better. Did its hodgepodge of gameplay mechanics coalesce into an excellent experience, or was it as boring to traverse as Jotun. Find out in my video review. Enjoy!

Special Notes: I received a PS4 review code for Sundered.


Armored Core 20th Anniversary

This month marks the 20th anniversary of FromSoftware’s mecha hit franchise, Armored Core. The original game debuted on July 10, 1997 on the PS1 in Japan. The North American version launched in the same year, but strangely on Halloween. Not really a spooky game, but whatever. While the series has graced the Xbox 360 and mobile phones, primarily Armored Core has been a PlayStation series. This includes the PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP. Sadly there hasn’t been a game released on either the PS4, or PS Vita yet. Will that change soon? Hard to tell, but for now sit back and relax with some more history behind Armored Core in my accompanying video retrospective. Enjoy!

PS4 Review: Fallen Legion Sins of an Empire

Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire stars a young empress desperately trying to hold her country together as it tears itself apart in civil war. It’s an RPG with roots similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and Valkyrie Profile. Does this obscure game have a chance on taking on the big boys, or is it simply not worth your time? Find out in my review. Enjoy!

Special Notes: I received PS4 and PS Vita review codes for Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire.

Harry Potter Retrospective: Griptonite’s RPG Trilogy

As I teased in my Harry Potter video game retrospective, there was a unique trilogy that spanned from the Game Boy Color to the Game Boy Advance. Contrary to the other games based off of the first three movies, which were puzzle-based platformers, these versions were RPGs. The now defunct Griptonite Games, who specialized in handheld ports, developed them. Is this obscure trilogy worth playing for Harry Potter, and or RPG fans, or are they just as bad as all the other Harry Potter games? Find out in this new video retrospective. Enjoy!