Wild Arms 20th Anniversary

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Wild Arms in North America. It released for the original PlayStation on April 30, 1997, which was just four months after the Japanese debut back in December. Wild Arms is a Western themed turn-based RPG. The title of Wild is an obvious call out to the Wild West genre while ARMS, Ancient Relic Machines, are actually special weapons in the game. The overall plot follows Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia who are basically adventurers on the planet of Filgaia. That’s the very basic premise anyway.

It was one of the PS1’s earliest RPGs and predated the North American launch of Final Fantasy VII by a few months (April-September). And that’s just a taste of Wild Arms’ history. I delve deeper in the accompanying video retrospective plus I included all the release dates below as well. Enjoy!

Wild Arms Games

  • Wild Arms (PS1 4/30/97
  • Wild Arms 2 (PS1 4/30/00)
  • Wild Arms 3 (PS2 10/15/02)
  • Wild Arms Alter Code: F (PS2 11/15/05)
  • Wild Arms 4 (PS2 1/10/06)
  • Wild Arms 5 (PS2 8/28/07)
  • Wild Arms XF (PSP 3/11/08)

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