PS4 Review: Wonder Boy Returns

Wonder Boy Returns is a remake of the original arcade game that launched in 1986 for Japan. While the visuals have been improved not a lot else has been changed. Now I never played any of the Wonder Boy games growing up mainly because I never owned any SEGA consoles. This year is the 30th anniversary for the series in North America so I have actually been tinkering around with the games for some time now in preparation for a retrospective. Surprisingly when I fired up Wonder Boy something felt familiar.


Turns out I technically did play this game via Adventure Island. Wonder Boy was developed by a company called Escape, but was published by SEGA. Escape wanted to make a port of the game for the NES, but obviously that wouldn’t be beneficial for SEGA. So Escape partnered with Hudson Soft, reworked some sprites, and voila Adventure Island was born. Past the first game neither series crossed again. With that little history lesson out of the way here’s my video review. Enjoy!



Special Notes: I received a PS4 review code for Wonder Boy Returns.



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