Monthly Gaming Recap: February 2017

February turned out to be a disappointing month for games. Some high profile titles like For Honor were fun for a flash, but didn’t hold my attention. I just got Horizon Zero Dawn, but that feels more like a March game as it just released at the end so look forward to those thoughts in March at some point. Anyway despite my unfavorable game experiences I do have some exciting work related stuff to go over.


First of all I left GameSpew. It was nice having somewhere professional to call home while I transitioned content over from Examiner to here in my spare time and I appreciated the experience, but I found something more lucrative and now I can finally talk about it. Since the end of January I was hired to help create content for a new website called TheGamer. It just launched today and you can see everything I’ve written so far along with my other content below, as usual.


The past month proved to be taxing, but seeing the website up is a huge relief. More on TheGamer and my plans for ReActionExaminer regarding it soon, but for now enjoy my stuff from February as well as the accompanying video wherein I go over my thoughts on the month’s crop of games. Enjoy





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