Bizarre Bits: Kirikou

I ring out the last days of Black History Month with something truly spectacular. Not in an OMG this is amazingly good, but OMG this kind of sucks, but damn I can’t look away from it. Not really a great way to celebrate BHM, but I digress.


Kirikou released for the Game Boy Color on November 16, 2001 as well as the PlayStation and PC in that same time frame exclusively across Europe. Differences from these versions aside they are average platformers based on the 1998 animated film, Kirikou and the Sorceress. The film itself is French and originates from African folklore. Having not seen the film, or played anything aside from the GBC game, that’s pretty much all I can say on the matter. So relax and enjoy my friends and I stammering through this game together in another hilariously ignorant edition of Bizarre Bits.


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