Game Free: Game Boy Jam 5

The Game Boy Indie Jams are some of the more obscure events I look forward to every year. Even though these fledgling games have rarely gestated into something whole, I think the ideas behind some of these games are just fun to play. With that said I played a handful of this year’s crop, made a video, and discussed my thoughts on the twelve listed below. If you want to check out these games and more head here. Congrats to all involved in this year’s Game Boy Jam and as always, enjoy!


Game Boy Jam 5

  • Boby Body Buddy
  • Dream of Dungeon
  • Drop Dead Twice
  • HallowQueen
  • I am Rubba You Are Gloo
  • Justice Bear Equinox
  • Reap What You Sow
  • Shuriken
  • Slugcaster
  • Soup Raiders Jailbreak
  • Super Robo Dash
  • Void Dogs



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