Monthly Gaming Recap: October 2016

Every month is filled with delays, but October was a little ridiculous. I guess it makes sense seeing as it was the start of the last quarter and thus the last chance to release, or delay a game. Sad, but obvious, but hey, lots of great stuff happened too so let’s round that stuff up and spread some positive vibes.



  • The first and second Danganronpa are being ported to the PS4 in early 2017
  • Voodoo Vince is getting an HD Remaster for the Xbox One and PCs
  • Gravity Rush 2 was delayed from December to January
  • BioWare announced The Old Republic’s next expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne
  • Antipole DX, Cuphead, Friday the 13th have all been delayed into an unknown time in 2017
  • Square Enix closed United Front Games
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced for Fall 2017
  • Watch Dogs 2 slipped from November 15 to November 29
  • After less than two months after launch The Tomorrow Children went free to play on PS4
  • ABZU will get a disc release for the PS4 and Xbox One sometime next January
  • EA announced Titanfall 2 won’t offer a season pass and instead release all DLC for free
  • Both of the Kingdom Hearts PS3 collections are being ported to the PS4 next March in one big edition
  • Zero Escape: The Nonary Games is a collection of the first two games in the series slated for PS4 early next year


Release Date Announcements

  • Tales of Berseria 1/24/17 (PC/PS4)
  • The Amnesia Collection 11/22 (PS4)
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew 3/14/17 (VR)
  • Small Radios Big Televisions 11/8 (PS4)
  • Night in the Woods 1/19/17 (PC/Mac/Linux/PS4)
  • Steins;Gate 0 11/29 (PS4/Vita)


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