PS3 Review: The Awakened Fate Ultimatum

The Awakened Fate Ultimatum is a sequel to last year’s The Guided Fate Paradox. This time the game centers on a high school student, Shin Kamikaze, who is struck down by a devil and reincarnated as God. The loyal bodyguard, Jupiel, and the devilish Ariael are tasked with helping Shin out as best they can. As God, Shin must decide the fate of the world, saving everyone from the invading devils. Unlike TGFP, the story is told completely through still images and spoken dialogue. It’s a downgrade in terms of quality, and overall, it takes itself far too seriously.


For those that didn’t play TGFP, TAFU continues in the Roguelike traditions of its predecessor albeit with a few changes. Shin is by himself, no party members. However, he can transform into an angel, or demon deity to increase power. Switching between models will increase stats, present new abilities, and increase damage to enemies weaker to that certain form. For example, a demon type takes more damage from an angel. This consumes SP whenever used. Moving around the dungeon consumes hunger, or AC, and if depleted, it steals HP. Outside of exploring; players can upgrade their equipment as well as boost their skills on either angel, or demon side similar to the Sphere Grid in Final Fantasy X.


The anime styled portraits and backgrounds look great, but it doesn’t invoke that rush of an epic narrative. When creating a sequel, one expects it to be on the same terms, if not higher, but the same can’t be said for TAFU. Music and voice acting are fine, but non-memorable. The sprites in the dungeons were the only real thing with a tweak, and even they were minimal. At the very least the brutally hard gameplay will keep sadistic gamers on their toes for a long time.


The Awakened Fate Ultimatum is a disappointing sequel. The lighter tone of the original was a great juxtaposition between it and the difficult gameplay. Now, however, everything is too dire and dry. It’s not a bad game by any means, but in terms of a sequel, well, one would hope for more.


Score: 2/5 Stars


Special Notes: The publisher provided a review code for the game. This article was originally published on March 17, 2015 via my Examiner account before the website shut down.


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