PS Vita Review: Tearaway

Tearaway takes place in a paper craft world from the creators behind Little Big Planet. Players will guide a messenger, either male or female, through the world helping strangers and fighting evil monsters called Scraps along the way. The cast of quirky characters and charming atmosphere make up for the somewhat nonexistent overarching narrative.


This is the best game on the PlayStation Vita. Why? Not only does it use every button on the handheld, but it’s done in an intuitive way that doesn’t feel like a gimmick. Overall the game is a platformer. The Messenger acquires, in almost a Metroid like fashion, new abilities that allow for new traversal. For example, the messenger can jump, morph into a ball, use a wind-powered accordion, and so forth. Not only that, but players can interact with the environment as well like using the rear touch pad to move obstacles, or help the messenger defeat Scraps. The cameras on the Vita allow players to take photos, captured themselves playing, and also can be used to solve puzzles. And just like LBP, the world can be customized. And yes, take a picture of something…erotic, and it will appear in the world. Tearaway is just plane fun.


It’s hard to believe, but everything in Tearaway is made out of mesmerizing, colorful, strips of paper. From glue sprinkled on rocks, to special effects, and even the water. What the developers, Media Molecule, have done with this game is beyond amazing. This is the best Vita game and it should be packaged with every system to show the handheld’s potential. The music is great, the characters are memorable, and even the actions are great. Tearaway is worlds beyond the somewhat wonky controls of Little Big Planet. That said, some people might think the game is too easy. Death is as fearsome as it is in a Lego games aka there is no penalty. Media Molecule wanted to make a carefree game that focused on the fun, creativity, and experience rather than the challenge and that’s okay with this writer.


Tearaway is one of the best games of the year and, as if it needs to be said a third time, the best PlayStation Vita game. The vision behind Media Molecule is beyond words. Fun, charming, innovative: a must buy.


Score: 5/5 Stars


Special Notes: This article was originally published on December 13, 2013 via my Examiner account before the website shut down.



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