3Ds Review: Mario Golf World Tour

Mario Golf: World Tour brings the usual crew back for another set of whacky tournaments. This round, however, Miis are added to the list making it more engrossing for players. Seeing a Mii playing alongside Mario and his pals is both jarring and entertaining.


Players are introduced to the world via a clubhouse where various tournaments can be played, clothes and accessories can be bought, and a plethora of Mushroom Kingdom critters wait with helpful advice. Players can also compete using Mario and the gang in various quick plays matches and scores can be tracked via the Internet. The best part of the game is seamlessly competing with friends on the leaderboards. There are scores to settle, upgrades to unlock, and a vast array of other fun activities ahead.


The game is fairly easy to get into as well thanks to an adjustable difficulty system. Swings can be as easy, or precise as players want them to be with the computer assisting to those less adventurous. That said, for a Mario game, the scenery is rather bland. The golf courses are fairly typical ranging from forests to beaches with hardly any zany standouts from the Mario world. And at the end of the day the game isn’t doing anything drastically different next to dozens of other cutesy golf games. It’s fun, but uninspired in some capacity.


Mario Golf: World Tour is an easy pick up and play golf game for the 3DS. It’s greatest strength comes with its ease of play, cast of characters, and the variety of unlockables. Unfortunately that same variety doesn’t push any boundaries and the characters all virtually play the same making the choice seem like a popularity contest. It’s a good game that could have used a bit more imagination.


Score: 3/5 Stars


Special Notes: This article was originally published on May 8, 2014 via my Examiner account before the website shut down.




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