PS3 Review: Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Spoiler alert! Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is a piece of garbage. I should end my review now, but I’m obligated to back up my claim. I’ll begin with the “good.”


The game takes place sometime around the events of RE2 and RE3 where Umbrella has sent in agents to retrieve some data. Along the way you’ll encounter key characters like Leon S. Kennedy, William Berkin, and Nemesis in an attempt to flesh out the RE lore. The game itself is a 3rd person, squad based shooter. Go through a series of missions; fight soldiers, zombies, and monsters, repeat. There is also your standard list of multiplayer modes aside from just playing the campaign with online CO-OP. On paper this may sound well and good, but this is clearly a game that wasn’t invested in past the drawing board.


The story seems rushed and garbled. Though they tried, it doesn’t add anything to the lore. Aside from the characters you’ll visit familiar locales like the Raccoon City Police Station. Unfortunately the level design is terrible and the graphics are no better than a high resolution PS2 game. All this added to the fact that your squad is a bunch of monotone, robotic blank slates. My thumb has more personality than they do.


The real problem with RC is the actual gameplay itself. Where to start? The aiming isn’t the best, the guns sound like toys, enemies are bullet sponges, and the cover system works when it wants to. There are only a handful of levels, each overly long and uninteresting. The zombies were fun to kill, but the soldier enemies made everything drag on for far too long. Despite it being a squad-based game you can’t issue orders to your terrible AI comrades. On several occasions they jumped into fire like it was a hot tub. Bugs? Ooooh yeah.


All in all, if you couldn’t guess, this game is a disaster. I wanted to love this game, but the light nostalgia cannot make up for all the atrocities. I had small bursts of fun here and there, mostly online, but it was in 5-10 minute increments over hours of play. If my words can’t convince you then be sure to check out the video review. Avoid this game like the zombie plague!


Score: 1/5 Stars


Special Notes: This article was originally published on August 21, 2012 via my Examiner account before the website shut down.



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