3DS Review: Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations takes place prior to the events of RE5. The game stars Jill Valentine who, along with her partner Parker, are sent to check out the abandoned ship, Queen Zenobia, thought to house terrorist group Veltro. Upon investigating, they discover a new form of the T Virus, along with other mysteries afoot. The story also flashes back to other characters, fleshing out the story as you go along. It’s as entertaining, as it is cheesy and convoluted. By now, that’s Resident Evil for you.


The game tries to harness the horror feel of older RE titles. Everything feels good, even the shooting, though you still can’t move and shoot and characters only move at one speed. You’ll be armed with the usual sort of weapons like handguns and shotguns, all of which can be upgraded. You can store guns, but you can’t store items, doing anyway with a standard mechanic from the series along with auto-saving. My biggest complaint with the gameplay is that each character has an AI partner. I’d be okay with this if they weren’t entirely useless. They can’t kill enemies, nor can they be killed. So why even include them?


It pushes the graphics on the 3DS to an astounding level. The character models are especially amazing, as well as the haunting corridors of the Queen Zenobia. The music and sound effects make the experience all the more better, making headphones a must for full immersion. The 3D looks good, complementing the already stellar visuals. Aside from the main campaign, there’s also A New Game+ feature along with excellent RPG-like side missions you can play solo or CO-OP. The only real gripes I had are the annoyingly long load times and the later water levels that drove me up a wall.


Resident Evil Revelations isn’t perfect, but it’s a broad first step into making a good portable experience. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay fits the handheld, and it’s a packed with great extras. I have a lot of annoyances with the game that made me debate the score more than I have with any other title. But looking back, all the smaller gripes didn’t hurt my full experience. For RE fans and 3DS owners wanting something different, this is a must play.


Score: 4/5 Stars


Special Notes: This article was originally published on July 24, 2012 via my Examiner account before the website shut down.



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