SNES Review: EarthBound

EarthBound is a RPG for the Super Nintendo. In Japan, it’s known as Mother 2. Unfortunately Earthbound is the only Mother game to make it over here and it’s not surprising as to why. The original Mother came out for the original Nintendo. Localization back then wasn’t too prominent so a lot of games missed our shores. Flash forward years later to the SNES where localization was getting better. Somehow we were able to get Earthbound, but due to it’s obscure nature, and limited print run, it’s hard to find nowadays. Even a used copy goes for upwards of $200.


Unlike many games, EarthBound has yet to see either a remake or even a port despite clamoring fans. Even a release of Mother, or Mother 3 (a GBA game) would make them happy. And it’s not an unreasonable request. After all, fans have made amazing things happen in the gaming industry as of late. Case and point, Project Rainfall, which some attribute as to the reason why Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story made their way to the States. Also, it’s not like the series has been forgotten as Ness, Earthbound, and Lucas, Mother 3, made their way onto Super Smash Brothers on the Wii.


Still, I can see why Nintendo and the affiliated companies related to the development of the Mother games ignore pleas. For one, sales here, or there, have never been groundbreaking. Two, EarthBound has its problems It’s hard, cliché’, and a bit archaic by today’s standards. To the mainstream, it’s a hard sell. In the end, it’s all about money no matter what we wish to believe.


Watch my review and see why this hidden gem deserves a chance. Earthbound has its faults, but it does right, it does well. It’s full of humor, charm, gorgeous art, and captures what a lot of games try to today. If you can find a copy, it’s definitely worth your time.


Score: 4/5 Stars


Special Notes: This article was originally published on May 28, 2012 via my Examiner account before the website shut down. Check out the supporting video review on the accompanying YouTube Channel, ReActionExaminer. 




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