PS3 Review: Rage

Rage is the newest IP from Id Software, the company known for Doom and Quake. Id certainly has a legacy for making great shooters so Rage has a lot to live up to especially because this game has been in development for years and its Id’s newest IP since1996! Is the hype true and is Rage a good FPS?


As the un-named protagonist, you awake a hundred years after being buried beneath the Earth’s surface in your “Ark” to find Earth a devastated wasteland. You’re saved from a mutant horde by one of many survivors who hide in hobbled together communities in fear of the organization known as The Authority. The Authority takes an interest in Ark dwellers and I guess they’re evil, but as to why is never explained. The story has a lot of bullet points, but nothing is ever filled in. It’s as vapid as the wasteland surrounding you.


The story may be terrible, but the shooting is fun and controls really well. The weapon choices are varied, but there’s nothing cool or sci-fi about them. Each weapon has a variety of ammunition types you can craft along with other gadgets like lock picks, sentry robots, and much more. Rage isn’t an open world RPG, but the inclusion of money and the crafting system gives players some feeling of customization.


Rage may be the best looking game this year with excellent enemy AI, steam punk/western set pieces, and varied, distinguished character models. However, it lacks very little to keep players interested in the world. Though it was in development for years, it still feels rushed. Acquiring quests has players race from one location to the next in a car where they are faced with bandits. It’s like a mini game to keep things entertaining while driving from place to place, but it gets old fast. Other than this, the open world just doesn’t seem necessary.


While Rage’s hype doesn’t hold up, it’s not a bad game. The combat is fun and everything looks great, but that’s about it. Touching up the story, quests, and a few other things, may have saved it from being just ”ok.” The fact that this open world game is actually just a set of very few linear dungeons connected by driving is a letdown. Even for hardcore shooters, Rage may only be worth just a rental.


Score: 3/5 Stars


Special Notes: This article was originally published on October 21, 2011 via my Examiner account before the website shut down.



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