PS3 Review: Resistance 3

As the third installment in the Resistance series, a PS3 exclusive first-person shooter, Resistance 3 has a lot to live up to. In this alternate WWII scenario, aliens called Chimera have descended on Earth in the quest for destruction. At the end of R2, R3’s main character, Joe Capelli, kills off the previous hero, Nathan Hale, who was infected by the Chimera virus.


Time has passed since R2 and humans are not fighting the chimera anymore; they’re surviving. The Earth has been dominated. Joe was dishonorably discharged and now makes his living surviving in a resistance group. Soon after the beginning, Joe leaves to make his way to New York in hopes of stopping a Chimeran weapon from freezing Earth. The plot may be simple, and the characters forgettable, but the places Joe goes won’t be.


Joe’s journey will take players through Chimera infested farmlands, the Mississippi River, abandoned mines, and so forth as he makes his way for New York. R2’s engine got an overhaul here as the graphics are better then before and are gorgeously animated. Both the environments and the Chimera enemies breathe life thanks to the developer’s fantastic engineers.


Despite the Chimeran hordes Joe must face, he is well armed. Each weapon is fun and unique and carries a special property. A rifle called the Bullseye allows players to tag an enemy making the bullets aim at it till it’s dead. There’s also a rifle that can shoot/see through walls and can propel a shield around you. The weapons also level up up to three times unlocking new functionalities.


Everything isn’t great about Resistance 3 though. The story tries to snag players into Joe’s quest of redemption in the cutscenes, but in the gameplay segments, Joe won’t say anything when people talk to him. It’s a jarring misstep. The audio sync is off from time to time so a kick to the door will be silent, then boom seconds later. The game is short as well, around 6-8 hours, but to its credit there is multiplayer, co-op play, and unlockables goodies to warrant multiple playthroughs.


Resistance 3 takes the series in a different direction. It’s still fun and well polished aside from minor gripes and glitches. The story isn’t as engaging, but worth a look anyway. It’s a lonely, horrific road to New York, but one worth the journey.


Score: 4/5 Stars


Special Notes: This article was originally published on September 10, 2011 via my Examiner account before the website shut down.



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